Reliable Racing with Rotax MAX

Rotax Engines USA 

Professionals and aspiring champions alike choose Rotax Engines in the USA because it offers the highest level of reliability. With the Rotax engines on your kart, you can get the top performance you want when it counts. Spend more time on the track and less in the pits with Rotax!

Making the Kart Engine
Market More Competitive

Back in the 1990s, many Kart engines were out of reach for many upcoming racers. The Rotax Max 125 engine is a two-stroke engine built in Austria, and is designed to help you win races all at a solid price point. 

Designed by Rotax and part of Bombardier Recreational Products, the Rotax Engines available in the USA are liquid-cooled and equipped with a balance shaft, electric starter and centrifugal clutch. Its simple operation pushed modern karting technology with TaG (Touch-and-go) concept.

High-Performance 125cc Touch-and-go

Cost-Effective & Reliable

Reliable Racing with Rotax

The Rotax Engine Advantage

The Rotax Max engine was born in the late 90s and made a name for itself as an engine that gave drivers more time on the track and less time in the pits. Built in Austria, the 125cc Rotax Max engines are recognized for their competitive price point and reliability, as well as ease of use and performance. This series of engines can be found in various karting races in the U.S., especially in the Rotax Brand Cup. Discover why the reliability of a Rotax engine is one of many assets!

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Rotax Engines USA - Reliable Kart Racing Solution

  • Competitive Racing Technology
    The Rotax Max 125cc engine is designed to provide cost-effective, high-speed karting. This powerful two-stroke, liquid-cooled 125 cc engine is equipped with a balance shaft, electric starting and centrifugal clutch. The onboard electric starter simply makes this engine easy to operate.
  • Performance & Low Cost of Ownership: Rotax Engine USA 

    Since the creation of the first Rotax MAX Karting Engine in 1997, the company has driven the benchmark of performance and price.

    The Rotax MAX engines in the USA have helped karting racers win more races and hold lead championship titles. 
  • Reliable With Simple Maintainance

    The Rotax Engines available in the USA involve minor maintenance to keep your Rotax in top-tier shape. Some basic maintenance includes the following: 

    Cooling System Check: Ensure levels are not neglected in case of leaks

    Transmission: Check your chain and sprocket transmission system before every use. Cleaning and lubricating it regularly will prolong the Rotax Engine’s life. 

    Battery: Check and charge after each use. 

    Gearbox: See oil levels in the gearbox every 2 hours of use. 

    Air Filter: Check/service the air filter every 10 hours of use. 

    Rotax Engine: We recommend servicing the engine with a professional after 50 hours of racing and/or use.


Proper precautions and measures are in place to prevent your engine from failure in our facility. Although, the liability remains the sole responsibility of the client unless the engine is within the valid warranty period. 

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