Black Racing Engines Owner, Chris Black

Black Racing Engines

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of support for our clients through our dedication to preparation and development.

Business Overview

Black Racing

Black Racing is a full service go kart shop focused on sales, services, and support of racing go-kart chassis, engines, all related accessories, and apparel. Whether you are new to the sport or have experience we strive to provide you with the advice, knowledge, skills and equipment needed to achieve your goals.

Our Passion

Why We Do It

Go kart racing and powersports are not just our business, it has been our passion since 1996. For not only the competitive nature of the sport, but the many technical aspects. Born from our passion Black Racing was formed in 2012.

Since then, we have gone on to win countless national and international titles and a world title. It is through our experience from the ground up that we bring to you a place where you can feel at home knowing you have the right people behind you in all your karting endeavors.

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The Rush

Unmatched in its value, a go kart can produce g-forces and a torque to weight ratio similar to a Formula 1 car, giving you an adrenaline-charged sense of excitement as you go wheel to wheel on the absolute limit.


Family & Friends

Unlike any other sport, family, friends, parents, children, and mechanics can be together communicating and interacting to achieve one common goal, improving one’s speed around the track. You will make lasting memories with your family and new friendships with people who share your love for go kart racing.


The Community

We are one big happy family. Racers commonly help fellow racers off track by sharing their experience, knowledge, tools, and equipment. The camaraderie and respect between us all is second to none.


Strong Values

For the younger generation go karting is a great way to impart strong values such as, sportsmanship, resilience, respect, and dedication that will guide them through to their adult lives. 

“Once Something Is A Passion, The Motivation Is There”

Michael Schumacher

Become A Champion Today

Speak with our karting manager to learn more about what it takes to become a world champion kart driver.