Horsepower blues got you down?

Elevate Your Racing Experience with Dyno Tuning Of Engines

If you suspect your engine is not a top performer and want to maximize its performance, we have the expertise and equipment for quality dyno tuning required to get the job done. Many drivers around the world have won using Black engines. Will you be next?

Dyno Tuning For Inconsistencies In
Manufacture Production

With each part that is manufactured there are tolerances which must be met within a certain range of measurement. It is these tolerances that produce the inequality in engine performance. We have tested many engines out of the box which produce a power variance of up to 7%.

Power Variance of 7%

Casting inconsistencies

High Performance Tuning

Why You Need A Dyno Tuning For Your Engine?

When it comes to racing many of factors are outside of the drivers control, and many things must be setup properly to ensure your best chance at success. The limitations of your engine can ultimately affect the outcome of your race. With dyno tuning services in USA and Canada, we are able to isolate the problematic areas and fix them, bringing the performance of your engine to its maximum potential. 

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Dyno Tuning
Dyno Tuning

Unleashing your engines potential

The Black Engines Solution

  • Your Engine Is Dyno Tested
    We do this in order to establish a baseline of how your engine performs in order to track our progress and ensure the end result is an engine that is better than what you started with. It also gives us data which provides insight as to what components of your engine need the most attention.
  • Your Engine Is Rebuilt

    Whether a top end only or a complete rebuild is necessary we ensure the job is done right. All engines undergo disassembly, cleaning, inspection to determine the components which need to be replaced, crankshaft rebuilt & trued, cylinder honing, machining for non-spec classes. The engine is then assembled.
  • Your Engine Is Tested And Compared To Our Best Engine
    To ensure proper performance. Whether you are competing nationally or recreationally you will know how your engine performs before it leaves our shop.
  • Results Are Analyzed & Shared With You
    Based on the dyno results, together, we can determine if additional dyno tuning is required and what the estimated costs are. A graph of the horse power and torque is generated and is overlayed with our best engine for comparison.
  • Additional Dyno Tuning
    With your approval the tuning process begins. Many component tolerances are critical to proper engine performance. For spec engines the specifications are adjusted with various gasket thicknesses, and the parts themselves due to manufacturing tolerances. For non spec or open classes the specifications can be adjusted by machining the parts.
    2 stroke kart engines, optimization of your carburetor, exhaust pipe, reed valve, squish clearance, ignition, port timing, combustion chamber, and more are all taken into consideration while testing.
    4 stroke kart engines,
    optimization of the valve clearance, ignition timing, spring tension, valve seats, carburetor, clutch, combustion chamber, cam timing, and more is taken in to consideration while testing.


Proper precautions and measures are in place to prevent your engine from failure in our facility. Although, the liability remains the sole responsibility of the client unless the engine is within the valid warranty period. 

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